February 10, 2004

antigravity I

*1st July 1995*
I was with Henry at a friend’s birthday party… and he pointed out to me that there is a ‘not bad’ looking chick around… you know, as we guys always do. But I didn’t feel like socializing that night, because I had been having some really tough time with my then girlfriend. My girlfriend was a bitch. She was a very difficult person and I was already thinking about dumping her for good that night. That was why I spent a lot of time at the party not enjoying myself thinking about it (it should have been quite an easy decision but… nevermind)…

About halfway through the seemingly boring night, my friend ‘Animal’ showed up and started to talk like he’d never talked before. He was like his usual self, bragging left right center about how cool he has been. Amongst other things, he told us that he was part of the organizing committee that night and he was the sole reason why there were so much girls there (they were his college mates). Of course we were just standing there listening to his seemingly boring monologue, and it was before long when all of us began to lose interest in his egocentric babbling.

When he realized that our attention was slipping away, he made an effort to impress us by introducing some of his college girls to us. But I wasn’t really in the mood, remember? So I was kind of like, doing it out of propriety’s sake to muster some strength to fake a smile or two and shook some hands.

And I met a lot of girls that night, but none of their names registered in my mind because of the problems looming inside my head. But I did notice a girl who looked very distinctively different from the rest. She had the sweetest smile and it was very warm. But then, my estranged relationship with my then girlfriend somehow overshadowed that good feeling and I moved on without making any effort to get myself to know that girl.

Fast forward a couple hours later, when the party was about to end, my friend Animal came to me and asked “Mike .. is your car full?”. Apparently, he wanted me to help him fetch 4 of his college mates home from the party location. I didn’t have a good excuse to reject him other than I was a mean fuck. I only had Henry with me, and my car’s basically empty. So, I had to reluctantly agree to fetch his college mates home.

Luckily, all 4 of them were girls. It wouldn’t have been that pleasant if they were blokes. I didn’t quite see their face because it was dark and stuff, but I manage to make up their shapes from their silhouettes from my car’s rear view mirror – 1 average height/skinny, 1 short/skinny, 1 average height/obese… and another one with average height with a balanced figure. Ironically, their shapes and sizes kind of cancel out each other for some strange reason, but that’s not really important.

Because Henry and I didn’t really know those girls, I attempted to break the ice in the car by cracking a joke to ease the tension – that I was suppose to pick up 4 kidnapped girls for sale from my regular client, their college mate Animal. And broke the ice it did, that silly joke. The bunch appeared to be quite chatty, which made the journey home not as awkward as it could have been.

At about half way through the journey however, the chatting began to cease and slowly, each of them became silent, until it finally left only 2 of us chatting – myself (driving) and one of the girls who was sitting in the middle of my backseat. I realized she was the one with average height and a balanced figure. And we talked all of our way home. The blank chat somehow made me forget about my problems at hand, and momentarily made me felt like new again. That stranger girl was simply my natural match, and she was just awesome.

Because I felt kind of nice about her, I decided to take a good look at the face and so, I shifted my focus from the road and turned my head to look at her – lo and behold, it was that very same girl whom Henry told me was ‘not bad looking’, and the one at the party who gave me that warm sweet smile. That was more than coincidence, I thought. She on the other hand, was caught stunned looking at me, which she asked if there was anything wrong with her face. That was when the antigravity effect took place. My stomach began to float, and my organs hovered all inside… I fell in love again.

My mood changed, and I immediately took the opportunity to ask the girl if she wanted to join me at the extended session of the party (which was to be held at a dance club – stupid location, I know)… which she politely declined. I wasn’t disappointed, strangely, but more like motivated to get myself a life. Dump my bitch and get the angel.

I was so engrossed with my new found crush, that I actually committed the most terrible mistake a guy could ever commit. I forgot to ask for her name and number! By the time I realized that, it was already too late, the girl was already gone… into her apartment block, probably half way up in the elevator. Fuckety fuck!!!

[to be continued… here]

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