January 29, 2004

the envelope II

I walked from the crowded carpark towards the restaurant. There were no stars up on the sky that night. The only thing the illuminated my path was the lonely street light there… and the bunch of blinking neon lights of the restaurant’s.

I promptly took out my handkerchief to wipe off the excess sweat on my forehead — the long sleeved D&G shirt was too hot for me. Then I suddenly stopped right before the carpet with a big “Welcome” word on it. My legs were like, numb. Or paralyzed. Whatever. I just can’t move my legs to walk into the place. I stood there and feeling like shit. Do I really want to go in there? Do I really want to make myself look like a fool? I wasn’t sure, I kept reassuring myself that it would be just another wedding dinner that I had attended many times before.

I took a deep breath, and finally made an entrance, with the sparkling envelope in my hand. There was a female reception right at the entrance, the one that was given the task to register guests and collecting gifts. I recognized that girl. It was her moron cousin, Chu-La. Other than her 34C cup tits, there is basically nothing worth to be impressed about that Chu-La. I quickly passed her the envelope and gave her a big red angpow with a written congratulatory message on it.

But I did not put money in it as we’re all customized to do. Instead, I put in some spam pamphlets, brochures & leaftlets that I had collected from my mailbox for the past 1 week. That was for breaking my heart. She does not deserve a single cent for leaving me. If she wants to get anything more worth of me, she refer the brochures herself for discounts.

I slowly walked through the crowded restaurant, table after tables of happy guests at the wedding banquet. My emotion was mixed, with both hatred and nostalgia as I was walking in. I felt as if I’ve lost a ground to stand on… and the very reason to live. In the midst of that melancholic drift… I tripped on a folded portion of the stupid carpet and had me landed hard onto the floor. Great, just great, I thought.

Just as I was getting up from the embarrassing episode, I noticed someone coming towards me. It was her… effervescent in her wedding night dress…

“Are you alright… mike ?”
“I’m ok… physically. But mentally, I’m scarred for life”
“Oh… don’t say that mike. It’s just that we’re not fated to be together…”
“You left me for someone else. That’s not fate, that’s being fucked.”
“Ok… I left you .. but that was a long time ago. You should have moved on…”
“You were the one who brought it up first.”
“Ok… [smacks head]. I’m just glad that you came to my wedding tonight”
“And you looked good in this D&G shirt I bought for you…”
“Yeah… it would have been perfect if it’s made of a much thinner fabric…” [wipes sweat from forehead again]

I don’t know why I did not scream at her out of my demented state of mind right at that very moment. Maybe she was too drop dead gorgeous in her evening gown that night — and got me hypnotized all over again. I stretched out my hand and offered her a congratulation and decided to leave the place for good, not because I was such a drama queen but because… the food there didn’t look appetizing at all.

I then proceed to a nearby 24 hours curry rice stall for some serious hoovering… and started my life as a brand new person.


*I’ve been very free in the office this afternoon… as my company is preparing for it’s quarter end this week. So, I tried to look busy in front of my PC by writing something out of nothing at all. Again, this is a pure fabrication… don’t take it seriously*

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