January 29, 2004


I was having breakfast with Blackie and Doug this morning, and we were discussing something about the recent chicken flu panic. In the discussion, I remarked – that no matter what the temp is, as long as we cook the meat thoroughly everytime, any microorganism that dwells in the meat will surely be killed and the risk greatly reduced. But Blackie disagreed. He said that he ‘knew’ of a kind of bacteria that only can be killed at 110 deg C… which means… if we cook our food… it will not die – because our food cooks at 100 deg C.

I had to lambaste that undeveloped brain of his.

“what makes you think our food cooks at only 100 deg C?”
“because water boils at 100.”
“water boils at 100 and our food also cooks at that temp?”
“yes. And that bacteria i was referring to, won’t die.”
“and you only cook your food with water? nothing else? salt? soy sauce? sugar?”
“did u know that the boiling temperature increases when there are impurities in your water ?”
“damn it… did u fail your science ?”
*furious* “ok… maybe more than 100 deg C… but definitely not over 110 deg C…”

I gave up on him. I don’t feel like arguing with a loser like him. Since he claimed he ‘knew’ the bacteria, he’s probably referring to a good friend of his. Hint: water with PLENTY OF SALT, could boil VERY MUCH HIGHER than 100 deg C.

On the side note, I wonder what’s the fuss about the chicken flu. 8 deaths and they are already making it an international headline. Fuck. There are thousands of cancer deaths related to smoking each year… and it’s ironic why they didn’t create a commotion this big already…

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