January 28, 2004

lunch at cafeteria

I took my lunch at the company cafeteria today with Blackie and my 2 other female colleagues — Kim and Faye. I got myself a plate of chicken rice, Blackie and Kim were having Fish n’ Chips. Faye got herself a plate of Chicken Chop.

As shitty as it reputated to be, the cafeteria actually served the Fish n’ Chips without tartar sauce – they temporarily ran out of sauce, and asked Blackie & Kim to wait. Hungry, Blackie hoovered the fish without the sauce but poor Kim had to wait for about 10 minutes before she got herself some sauce.

So, by the time Kim gets to start working on her fish, I had already finished my lunch and was hanging around there for some chat. That was when our lab technician came to join our table…followed by his middle aged guy friend.

As I had nothing to do then, I decided to make Kim’s lunch more interesting…

Me : “Hey Kim… let me ask you something, do you have any idea what does tartar sauce made of?”

Kim : “No idea.”

Me : “Well… let me give you a hint. It comes from a cow.”

Kim : “Comes a cow? Really? From its lard is it?”

Me : “No… not the lard. It is actually made from cow’s puke. Believe it girl…”

Faye : “You seriously think we’re going believe that?”

Kim : “Hahah… right. You’re so lame.” *continue to eat her fish*

Me : “It’s alright if you don’t believe me. You know Thousand Island dressing for your salad? They’re made from blended cow brain…”

Kim : “I’m not that gullible, you should try harder.”

But my bullshits caught some unexpected attention – the middle aged bloke who came with our technician. I noticed the guy first gave me this perplexed look and then asked me this – “Seriously, a cow’s brain? They really use a cow’s brain???”.

He was such a fucking stupid idiot. His remarks actually made all of us at that table pause for approximately 2 seconds… before breaking into a laughter. Faye was pointing at that guy when she was laughing… and Kim had some of her half chewed fish spurting out of her mouth.

I don’t know man, but I think his IQ level must be equivalent to that of a lab rat. I never thought someone would actually believe the shit I made up to gross the girls. Not especially from a guy who’s rife with experience and age. Anyhow, after we’ve had laughed enough, I made an effort to tell the guy that it was meant to be a sick joke… and he probably shouldn’t take it too seriously.

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