January 28, 2004


Yesterday, I went to look for my departmental admin (let’s call her ‘Cat’) to send a very important document to someone on the other side of the state. I forgot to bring a pen, so I asked to borrow one from her, and that was when she noticed something about me…

“Michael … are you a guitar player ?”
“No… I am not”
“How about Chinese zither?”
“Nope. I don’t play any musical instruments at all”
“Oh… then why do you have such long finger nails?”

Obviously, I was caught off guard. I don’t actually have an answer for that question. The fact was, I’m just fucking lazy to clip my nails. I’d usually do it when one of them breaks off or something.
(disclaimer – if you somehow have an idea that my nails could be dirty, you’re wrong. I washes my nails everytime I go to the washroom… so, it’s very well maintained and clean)

I had to resort to bullshitting her…

“I actually fancy of keeping them. They kind of make my fingers look longer”
“Yeah .. and they are also handy for some of my delicate work”
“Oh ok. See my nails? They’re very short.”
“You liar. I think you broke your nails from scraping for dandruff too much”
“No… really, I clip my nails because I play violin a lot”
“That’s why your fingers look short and ugly…”
“Not as ugly as yours… ” (makes some face)
“Well… at least I can use them to scratch my back better…”

And she laughed hysterically like a hyena across the office… triggering a massive head bobs from hundreds of cubicles. Seriously, I don’t know what’s so funny about my remarks. Sometimes, we can’t simply make silly jokes around girls… they can be such a drag sometimes…

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