January 19, 2004

smart doggy

While stopping for a red light this morning, I saw a black dog walking slowly by the road side. When that dog reached the 3 way junction, it stopped walking. I could tell that the dog wanted to cross the road, but instead of looking out for cars, the dog looked at the traffic lights.

I thought I might have mistaken that as it was still very early in the morning, but I was right. The dog did indeed look at the traffic lights. When the traffic light changed to red and all cars stopped, the dog nonchalantly crossed the road and taking his own sweet time doing it. I was shocked shitless. I pointed out to Emily in disbelief “Look dear. I have never seen such a dog crossing the road in such a cool manner before…”. *Dogs normally storm across the road when they have the opportunity… because they know to get hit by a car/truck is not a good thing. Some dumber dogs would storm without even looking… and often ended up as meat gunk on the road.*

After crossing the road, that dog waited for another light to turn red (for the other direction), for which, he again nonchalantly crossed in front of a few motorcyclists and cars. Emily quipped “That dog actually knows about traffic lights! damn!” Without a doubt man, that has got to be the smartest dog I’ve ever seen in my life!

So what if a dog knows how to poop at proper places? So what if a dog knows how to catch a frisbee? Do you really think that’s smart? Well, check this black dog out – now that’s what I call smart. I suspect it’s even smarter than Rob.

This kind of intrigued me a bit, as I often encounter bad experiences with human pedestrians.

There was once, I almost hit a housewife who was crossing a road. It happened when I wanted to overtake a very slow moving van, when I suddenly saw that goddamn housewife who was standing right in the middle of the traffic. She was lucky that my reflex was good, for I managed to yank the steering fast enough… which almost caused me an accident with a divider. And the irony of all, there was actually a giant pedestrian bridge right above where we were… So, compared to this black dog, the housewife should actually be that dog’s pet instead…

The dog is a living proof of an ongoing evolution. When our world gets developed, the animals surrounding it will eventually evolve itself to suit the ever changing environment. Sooner, you’d even see dogs getting paid to do some of our jobs… (and it’s happening already!)

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