January 18, 2004

incident at Nando’s

My friends and I had a rather unpleasant lunch at Nando’s yesterday, thanks to the screwed up crew who mixed up our orders. They mixed up the orders for a few times (what are the odds, hell), and had us wait for more than 15 mins. I was beginning to feel pissed of the multiple errs in a short period of time.

While we were waiting halfway through, the crew sent one of their hot waitress to come over to offer an apology. I wanted no troubles at all so, I accepted it with an assuring smile and told her that it was alright. The cuteness of that tall / sexy waitress actually played a significant role in calming me down, but most of it was because I quite a mellow guy in the inside. So, with a renewed experience, I continued to wait, until my order came… and for the 3rd time, they got my order wrong. Again. This time, I was really mad (the order was delivered to me by another waitress, who resembled some bug I saw on my apartment staircase which I do not know its actual scientific name). This time, it was the wrong sidedish. The following conversation then takes place :

Me : “Look… you first mixed up my order. Then, you mixed it up somemore. And then, you gave me the wrong sidedish. What exactly is your problem??”

Insect waitress : “Oh… I’m really sorry sir. We have a new cashier who took your orders wrongly and…”

I didn’t let her finish,

Me : “That’s not my problem, ok?”

Insect waitress : “I’m terribly sorry sir. Do you want me to change your sidedish?”

Me : “No thanks. I’ve had enough. I’ll just settle with this one. Just let me be and speed up the rest of the orders for my friends… ok?”

10 minutes passed, a couple of my friends’ orders were still nowhere in sight. We’ve waited for a total of more than 30 minutes. I then hollered for the insect waitress to come over and berated her for another round. This time, I was louder and meaner than before, and in the matter of seconds, our orders were fully served.

It was then, Emily commented

Emily : “Pity her. It was not really her fault… and was the one who got all the scoldings…”

I then retorted,

Me : “Dear… I’m not against her as an individual. I’m scolding her as a representative of Nando’s. I do not care if it was due to the new cashier or not. If one of them fails, they all fail as a team. She should take it as a Nando’s staff, not to get personal.”

Emily : “Well, why didn’t you pick someone else the second time? Why did you scold only her? Why not other waitresses or the guys?”

*danger alert*

Me : “Alright… maybe I was a bit biased. I could have picked to yell at the pretty waitress just now instead of that ugly waitress.”

Emily : “You’re a terrible person… do you know that?”

Me : “Well, I’m just another human being. Let’s say, if you were asked to hate someone… would you choose to hate a good looking person or a detestable ugly looking person? Which one of them is easier for you to hate? The answer’s obvious, right? That’s the advantage of good looks. Good looking people makes us harder to hate. So, instead of putting myself in such a dilemma, I chose the worst looking one to scold… so that I can do the scolding in a more efficient way. They all still fail as a team, it’s all the same.”

*not only I saved myself again .. but managed to prove a point in such a short period of time*

Emily : “Hmmm … I guess you’re right in some sense. Just look at her… sheesh, she’s getting scolded again by the other customers… This world is so unfair…”

Well, that’s the truth, like it or not. The world is not just unfair – it’s FUCKING unfair. The insect waitress could have easily set a record of ‘the most hated waitress in that Nando’s outlet’… just because she looks so damn ugly like that. The Nando’s management should have put her to work inside the kitchen… away from the public for the benefit of all, and let all those good looking chicks handle the customers. It’s a strategy that has already written in the books.

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