January 16, 2004


I strongly believe that every part of our body exists for a good reason.

Our eyes – they let us see. Our brain – they let us think. Our ears – they let us hear. Our sex organs – they let us reproduce and have fun. Our legs – they let us go places and kick dogs. Etc.

But surprisingly, not many realize that. A lot of people nowadays like to change or modify themselves (physically) to the extend of obsoleting the actual function of their body parts – just for the sake of hype and fashion.

Recently, I’ve noticed some changes in one of my colleagues — which is Jude’s best friend called WC. WC used to be a petite and shy girl. The type that works very hard and doesn’t give a damn about her appearance. She’s not a good looking girl but has a very commendable personality.

Now what happened to WC ? She suddenly dyed her hair the color of a very old coconut shell (that type of brown)… and did something to her eyebrows. Well, I actually have no comment over the sudden change of her hair color but it was her “new” eyebrows that spooked me. She basically plucked her eyebrows off till it became very thin… and tweaked it using black india ink (or whatever they call the thing to draw their eyebrows). So badly tweaked that it looked as if she’s frowning even when she’s very happy.

Our eyebrows actually play a very important role in the mechanism of our facial expression. Through our facial expression, people will be able to know what are we thinking and what is our emotional status. So, when we tweak it, it’s sort of like causing it to go out-of-spec… and probably would not be as efficient as it was meant to be. It’s the main thing that segregates us humans from those expressionless animals.

Anyone seen a dog with a pair of eyebrows before? How about a cat? And because they don’t have an ability to contort their eyebrows / facial muscles to make an expression – they have limited ability to communicate amongst themselves.

Take for example… cows. The way they communicate are just limited to a monotonous ‘moo’. And probably the most… would just be a longer ‘moo’… or a higher pitched ‘moo’… which could sound like ‘meeeee’ to some people. Now, add eyebrows and some ability to make facial expression. Their monotonous ‘moo’ can be translated as ‘moo ?’… when a cow makes that one sided eyebrow lift (ala The Rock style). See the advantage of having a pair of eyebrows?

So, why tamper with it? Is it that some people prefer to be like a cow? Or prefer to have a permanent fake expression etched on their face to deceive us guys? Very confusing indeed.
Alright, back to the topic of WC modifying her eyebrows.

I just don’t know how to explain my feelings when I saw WC’s set of eccentric eyebrows. It’s something between perplexed and laughing my ass off. But when I saw it, I just stood there astounded – and wondered why would she trade her natural brows to this ridiculously fake looking one. I dare not to ask her because it might just hurt her feelings.

Maybe this is just another little known behavioral deficiency of the female species … that men will never understand.

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