January 15, 2004

the worst cafeteria

My company has the worst cafeteria in the world. I suspected those things that they serve inside the cafeteria are the recycled waste from the clogged monsoon drain during the flood prevention campaign by the state government. They are serving garbage instead of proper food.

They always serve the same shit everyday – fried rice vermicelli, fried noodles and some really lame nasi lemak. There’s a roti canai stall too but they’re barely edible. The roti canai‘s are rigid like mouse pads and the gravy’s diluted with tap water. And all of them are served with so much grease that it could generate enough electricity to electrocute a few hundred idiots and morons at my workplace.

Each morning, I will have my most unpleasant time having breakfast at that screwed up cafeteria. And because the production schedule is also not any less screwed up, I sometimes have to endure the crowd of operators rushing for their ridiculously short break as well. That was when I wish I’d not be inside the cafeteria to meet them head on, for I would be mobbed and drowned in that herd of stampeding cannibals. Fuck. *picture yourself attempting to scoop a plate of noodles in the middle of the orcs warscene in Lord Of the Rings.

This morning, I had the worst of both sides. The operators changed their break schedule again. When I reached the canteen, it was already full of those orcs. As usual, the amount of food served was meager, and with so many of them out there, the food was scavenged clean in matter of minutes. Some of them took so much food, that one might mistaken that they are buying them to be sent to feed some famine victims somewhere.

So, what was left for me to eat? – leftover bean sprouts and crumbs. As I was about to commit an arson to the cafeteria, suddenly, the kitchen helper brought out a tray of fried vermicelli. Without giving a second thought, I scooped a plate (some of the orcs start to rush towards my direction to grab that tray of fried vermicelli) and then quickly fled to the pay counter. I barely made it alive out there, but the food tasted like crap anyway.

It’s sad having to endure this kind of predicament everyday. If your elders happen to tell you the story about the WW II food rationing days, tell him/her that it still happens today at someone’s workplace. My workplace. Goddamn. I think I’m going to double my complains to the management about this.

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