January 13, 2004

happiest moment

What’s the happiest moment one can ever experience in a day?

For some environmentalist – to be able to see the green of the trees and smell the freshness of the air.

For some naturist – to be able to see his own dick/nipple get hard enough to cut glass when caressed by the cold breeze of the public.

For workaholics – to know that they have another 8 hours of work yay!

For some very tired people – to be able to spend time in front of the tv after a hard day’s work.

For some people, it could be watching their flowers bloom in their own garden.

Some, to hear the birds sing in the morning. To wake up beside your loved ones. etc etc …

But for me … the happiest moment is to wake up in the middle of the night… and realize that I have 4 more hours of sweet sleep before I have to wake up for work.

That’s what happened to me this morning. Very early morning.

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