December 31, 2003

2003 roll up

2003 is coming to an end. This year, it has been both good and bad year for me. But overall, I think it has been a good year. A good year because I am still able to muster my strength to party, and live my life like a normal person as of the moment I am typing this. If it’s not a good year, then I must have been being very optimistic, which is still a good thing.

At times of good, I have been enjoying them veritably – like getting real drunk when I’m suppose to drink. And at times of bad, I knew I had tried my best to take the challenges like a real man like I’ve been taught – like not to rant when my mom asks me to buy a piece of belacan (shrimp cake) 5km away.

But I will always remember 2003. Seriously. This is the year that I made many difficult decisions (to go for pizza or nasi kandar? just kidding). A year that brought rife changes to my life. A year that made me a real adult. This year, I lost 3 important people in my life. My paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother and my father… It was sad but, I’ve managed to get myself over it.

Well, there were good things that happened in 2003 too. Bitch-ass motherfucker Rob finally left the company for good, and I don’t have to suffer under his moronic reign anymore. Then I got promoted to a 2nd level engineer, which is kinda sweet. I cleared 80% of my credit card debt and accomplished last year’s resolution – to get a vacation off at least once every year. I went to Hong Kong this year. Not too bad.

There’s going to be a new set of goals after tonight. Here’s the unofficial list :

– clear off the rest of my credit card debts and cancel them for good. Too many cards.
– get myself another car. (I’m eyeing a Honda Jazz now..)
– vacation to Australia / New Zealand
– get an SLR digital camera
– a new mobile phone if the old one gets uppity

If I manage to achieve only 50% of them, I’d be happy enough.

As you may have noticed, most of my goals involve spending. That means, if I manage to dig enough money, I will not have any problem accomplishing them at all. So if any of you guys feel rich or something like that… you can perhaps donate them to me. I will spend it well. I promise.

Alright, that’s about it. Happy new year to all of you out there. To those who condemns my blog at deathtobloggers, if you are reading this, go fuck yourself. May the fleas of a thousand camels masturbate in your armpit.

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