December 29, 2003

teambuilding event

The teambuilding event I jointly organized yesterday was a successful one. Although I did not participate in the people groping events, I manage to have my own version of learned lesson (through my meticulous observation and experience):

1) Wearing sunglass under the sun – is a bad idea. It gives you an uneven sunburn on your face; especially around the eyes.

2) Laughing too hard at people hitting a boner is a form of extreme exercise. Expect muscle ache the morning after.

3) Suntan lotion does not prevent sunburn. Hiding under a shade does.

4) Teambuilding events organized near beaches can be dangerous. Plenty of distractions during activities that require concentration : eg. bikini clad spanish bimbo bouncing along the beach.

5) Never volunteer yourself to be a cameraman. You’ll end up being mocked by psycho ladies who would not hesitate to blame you for taking their spastic photos/videos.

I will be spending the rest of my day hibernating.


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