December 27, 2003

“TLOTR – ROTK” (2003)

To those who haven’t watched The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of the King, please leave immediately. Plenty of spoilers ahead.

Finally get to see LOTR – ROTK last night. It was well worth the money. Never thought that it was that gollumn who made the ring fell into the burning pit of Mount Doom. What a great show.

But I do have a few comments though… I felt that the ending could have been better if they cut the hobbits storybook crap. You know, once the ring fell into the lava… I was expecting things to end quite fast after that. But… it was still a long and sleepy way to go before the actual ending. I was holding up pretty bad for a visit to the toilet…

And then… someone from my group asked – where the fuck are they (Frodo, Gandalf, etc) going on that ship in the end? Well… not wanting to disappoint my friends, I told them that those people are going to Langkawi for some cheap booze and serious celebration. Eheheh… actually, I didn’t quite get the last part. Perhaps some Tolkien freaks can enlighten me a bit.

Overall, it was still a pretty good watch, and not to mention the most amazing trilogy of all time.

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