December 26, 2003

I saw a disgusting guy

I saw a disgusting guy.

He was in a car behind mine in a traffic jam today, and I was checking him out through my rear view mirror.

The guy has this uncanny resemblance of Andrea Bocelli (you know, the blind guy who sings opera?) – lushy beard and curly locks. As I was about to tell Emily “Hey, Andrea Bocelli is behind us”… the guy suddenly did something very disturbing.

He shoved his finger into one of his nostrils and started to dig vigorously. The car beside his, was also checking him out and had the same disgusted look on his face, like me.

The guy was indifferent to the attention and continued to dig his nose like these is no democracy at all inside his car. And as if it’s not satisfying enough, he shoved the finger from his other hand into the other nostril. Yes, he was picking BOTH his nostrils with BOTH HIS HANDS. With force from both of his thick fingers up inside his nose, I could see that his nose changed into a snout shape like a fucking pig.

About a few seconds later, I could see that he began to have some harvest there. He then started to roll up the sticky gooey mucus till it lost its moisture and were solid enough to be flicked off inside his car. Then, again, he shoved his fingers deeper to mine for more boogers. The thought of him frenzily digs his nose for boogers makes my nose itch even as I’m blogging from the office here.

Fucking disgusting guy.

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