December 26, 2003

I met a weird guy

I met a weird guy.

It happened inside this cocksuckers club. Right after the Christmas countdown, the club was showcasing some kind of dirty dancing performance on the stage (which sucked) and it was right in front of our place. It featured a few scantily dressed young girls dancing seductively at some corny mix by the mongoloid DJ…

Then came this fat guy with a thick spectacles. He stood right in front of our views and since he was so horizontally wide, we couldn’t see a fucking thing. As the show wasn’t that good anyway, we decided to let him enjoy it there and we minded our own business.

After for what must be like 5 minutes or so, I could still see that fat guy there. It seemed like he was having the highest moment of his life ogling at a particular dancer – whom I think was the most promiscuous looking of all. That was when I decided to check him out.

I went to him and put my hand around his bloated shoulder. He looked at me. I gave him “hi dude” smile. I was being my usual self, you know… making friends everywhere I go like I always do. He switched his attention back to the particular dancer. He was sweating profusely. I reckoned he must be imagining something vveerrryyy bad while watching the dirty dancing.

I then gave him a nudge. He looked back at me. I gave him a wry smile and a wink. He gave me an emotionless stare… and again, quickly switched his attention back to the slut dancer. Then I said to him “Hey… the dancer you’re looking at… she’s such a slut huh? I can tell that you liked her very much.” He then turned to me… and gave me this innocent look. He then gestured with his both hands by waving “no .. don’t beat me up”.

From what I gathered, he must have thought that I’m someone who was looking for trouble. The guy was freaked out. Man… I had to pacify that dude out by gesturing back “I’m cool… I’m cool… it’s ok. Nothing happened here… don’t be scared”. And once I completed the gesture, he resumed ogling at the dancer.

Weird guy.

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