December 23, 2003

random rant – discovery on tv

Hey.. did anyone watch Discovery channel last night? It was showing some naked tribals wearing dick gourds. Dick gourds = some long horn-shaped container that is used as a protective cover to keep their dicks. While they have this dick gourd covering their dicks, their nuts can be seen hanging loose like a teabag. As for the female version, they don’t have gourds. They just let their saggy & wrinkled titties flutter + bouncing all over the place.

For certain reason, I found this quite ironic. In my country Malaysia, we have strict laws against showing stuff like this (you know… nekkid peeeeple) on TV. Our censorship board would even ban kissing scenes from the movies. To protect the innocence, as they always claim. Well, innocence my ass ler…

When I saw the naked tribals on TV, I shouted out loud – Hey! what the fuck is this all about!? They allowed tribals to get naked on TV, but not for urban folks? Are they a bunch of fucking sadist or what?

To me, the only difference between the tribals and us urban folks getting naked on TV… is that the tribals have saggier titties and dustier nutsacks. I wonder if the censorship board folks are really tribal themselves, since they so love to see their kinds getting naked on TV performing those weird orgies on animals & trees. Programs like that can confuse the young and even cause a phobia on them first timers who never saw adult genitals before.

Why would they censor the urban and show the tribal ones? A dick’s a dick. A tit’s a tit. What is the difference? Damn those discriminatory censorship board pigs.

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