December 16, 2003

malodor attack

I work in a very large company. Like any other executives, I am provided a notebook computer. And because my company also manufactures notebooks, we’re all subjected to stringent security clearance, each time we have a notebook taken out of the premise. Everyday.

I was going through that check yesterday, by this lady security guard with a headscarf. Let’s call her ‘Terung’ for convenience’ sake. Now this Terung is actually no stranger to me. She has been our security for many months and she even knows my name already.

“Hi Michael” she would usually greet me. And she did the exact same thing yesterday.

She took my notebook carrying case and opened it up. But when she was doing that, my nose suddenly caught something pungent, and I was immediately stunned. I reflexed by taking 2 steps aback. I did not know where the smell came from. Smelled something like a wet dog who haven’t bathed for many months. But there wasn’t anyone around at that time… except Terung. And then I saw a table fan behind her, blowing towards my direction… and I went “Oh my fucking god” and held my breath.

Then, she asked for my pass to clear the notebook. I was still holding my breath when I had to go near her to show her my badge (the pass was on the badge). I thought I could just show her the damn thing and bolt straight away, but she made things complicated by not allowing an immediate clearance. That was because right at that time, a dude came over to inquire about something and that robbed me off some precious seconds there (though I have to admit, those seconds felt like hours…)

As I was about to turn purple, she finally cleared off the inquiring dude and my notebook and got me off the malodor hook. I immediately fled the stinking place… did not look back. Some fucking experience there.

I have made a solemn vow from then on, that if I ever see Terung on duty at main the entrance again, I’m gonna fucking stay back at workplace till the next shift commences.

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