December 11, 2003


*Referring to this news article : here

So many idiot nowadays. Those teachers are fighting back the ban of knitting inside classrooms – can it get any more ridiculous than that?? Knitting makes them concentrate better – yeah right. Our modern world is getting weirder each day.

What are they going to protest about in the next few decades? Gender segregation for public toilets? Ban of smoking in petrol stations? “Smoking a cigarette helps me to concentrate better when pumping the petrol…”

Well, it’s not about whether it helps you to concentrate or not morons (sarcastically directed to those fucking Indian teachers). It is because you’re not suppose to knit inside classrooms. Pretty much like why we are not suppose to surf porn at work. Is that so hard to understand? “Surfing for porn helps me to concentrate better at work” – see if your boss can dig that.

Those stupid fucking morons ought to get more education themselves.

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