December 8, 2003

scary shits out there

The other day, while I was waiting for the girls to shop their brains out, I got myself to sit around to catch up with times. I spent approximately about 3 hours hanging out on a public bench with Henry inside Penang’s most ‘hip’ mall. We made ourselves busy by checking out the way people dresses themselves up and hoped to learn a thing or two about fashion.

Well, most of them are pretty casual and very nice to look at, but there were a few exceptional ones that would induce cramps and queasy symptoms. Among those that burned a deep impression in our memory, was a guy with this Beckham mohawk hairstyle, which we could tell that he couldn’t have done without shitload of ultra hard gels and hairsprays.

It looked so ridiculous that it made almost 90% of the shoppers that came within the radius of 40 feet had their jaw dropped in shock and disbelief. And this guy still thought that his hair was so ‘yeah’ like that and we could see him actually skank himself along as if he is inside a disco. His hairstyle made us felt like bashing him up for the good of our country’s image. It was absofuckinglutely hideous. So was Beckham’s.

And then, there was this fat teenage ah lian who sported a pair of low-slung jeans (or whatever shit you call that) that revealed a very large amount of lard to the public. A Britney Spears wannabe. But what she didn’t realize was – Britney Spears has a flat tummy and relatively tiny waist, but ah lian has the total opposite. I swore she had enough lard to light up an Eskimo igloo for months. Eyuckhhh !

The third farm animal that we saw on that day was a lady wearing a white skirt. Nope. Not an ordinary skirt, but a skirt that was so short that I could see her butt cheeks without much effort. She turned quite a number of heads around and I can see lots of people whispering. And her boyfriend that walked beside her was basking at the attention…

I can tell that she wore that scanty skirt just to attract attention. But if she wanted to reveal her ass and underwear so much, why bother wearing a skirt, right? She could have gone shopping clad with just only her underwear. I’m sure that would attract way more attention than she ever wanted. And if that’s not enough, she could ask her boyfriend to do the same too. They’re going to be famous.

Just couldn’t get the logic of dress code nowadays. Aren’t fashion suppose to be a good thing for us to appreciate? A way for us humans to look better? Why are these people using it to tarnish the sight of our surroundings? This is so unbelievable. (sekian laporan)

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