December 6, 2003

i started a joke

Today, inside the cinema, just before the movie starts, I overheard Emily talking to a friend, Amber…

Emily : “My best friend from Ipoh is coming to Penang tonight. She is going to show me her new boyfriend.”

Amber : “New boyfriend? How many boyfriends has she had?”

Emily : “3 or 4 … not too sure. Latest one is an Ipoh guy.”

Amber : “Wow, your friend must be very pretty. Ipoh girls are known to be pretty… although I haven’t really seen a pretty girl from Ipoh before.”

I had to interrupt

Me : “That’s because all the pretty girls in Ipoh have gone outstation to work.”

Amber : “I have a male friend from Ipoh who told me that it’s really difficult to find pretty girls there. Makes him demotivated to find someone special there… ”

Me : “You know… you should tell your friend to get real. He should not judge love by its looks. It goes with the ‘feel’ … you see. Look at Emily… and myself. I accepted her even though she looks more hideous than a sewer rat. Heheheh…”

That was suppose to be a part joke, part figure-of-speech kind of thing.

Me : EXCUSE ME?? [Opens mouth, and blaaasssstttts out a torrent of fire]

Lesson learned = never joke about a girl’s looks. She will most probably not find it funny.

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