December 2, 2003

hate list II

It’s the time of the month again. It usually happens right after I get my pay and funk myself up from spending a large chunk of it paying for various shit. The funk will then brew into agitation… and then, my mood will turn unstable. Sort of like the BAS (Big Aunty Syndrome) that girls encounter during their menstruation.

During this period, an iota of hatred towards anyone or anything will get amplified ten folds. So, based on my random encounter with people I’ve met during my lunch, I’ve again compiled a second edition of my hate list (read the first here).

DickNose – my project program coordinator. This guy has a nose so big, that it could fit a dozen pieces of loofah inside its nostrils, and yet still have an ample space to burrow a community of rodents inside. Beside having a chicken ass perpetually yakking mouth, he is also known for being a motherfucking pervert. Whenever he does any kind of public speech, he would quote examples that involves underwear or kinky sex… (he has gotten into trouble with the company authorities before – this was told by some of my female colleagues, much to their disgusts)

ToiletWhore – The admin clerk manageress at my workplace (yes, she’s the manager of all admin clerks). A cunt, slut, bitch, succubus or whoever you want to call her – who thinks that just because she’s the secretary of the Vice President, she can stomp on employees on behalf of him. Looking like a 6 feet tall sasquatch, she also sports a pair of hideous blue contact lens on her lopsided eyes. The very sight of her could make one puke out the shit of a thousand dinners.

Gary – a manager in my workplace, cum parasite of the management who doesn’t know a thing about his own work. Being unable to sustain himself at workplace, he has the propensity to use other people as resources and when they least suspect, he’d rob them of their credit. Like DickNose, he’s also a second to none pervert in the company (everybody knows that). If you’re any worse than Gary, you’d be a pile of shit.

Skeletor – I know nothing about him. It’s just that I hated they way he looked and acted every time he realize someone is giving him some attention. Feels like punching him on the face every time. (maybe I should…)

Alright. That’s about it. Short list. I have been quite content with everything lately, hence the short list. I will add more when the need arises.

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