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December 31, 2003

2003 roll up

2003 is coming to an end. This year, it has been both good and bad year for me. But overall, I think it has been a good year. A good year because I am still able to muster my strength to party, and live my life like a normal person as of the moment I am typing this. If it’s not a good year, then I must have been being very optimistic, which is still a good thing.

At times of good, I have been enjoying them veritably – like getting real drunk when I’m suppose to drink. And at times of bad, I knew I had tried my best to take the challenges like a real man like I’ve been taught – like not to rant when my mom asks me to buy a piece of belacan (shrimp cake) 5km away.

But I will always remember 2003. Seriously. This is the year that I made many difficult decisions (to go for pizza or nasi kandar? just kidding). A year that brought rife changes to my life. A year that made me a real adult. This year, I lost 3 important people in my life. My paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother and my father… It was sad but, I’ve managed to get myself over it.

Well, there were good things that happened in 2003 too. Bitch-ass motherfucker Rob finally left the company for good, and I don’t have to suffer under his moronic reign anymore. Then I got promoted to a 2nd level engineer, which is kinda sweet. I cleared 80% of my credit card debt and accomplished last year’s resolution – to get a vacation off at least once every year. I went to Hong Kong this year. Not too bad.

There’s going to be a new set of goals after tonight. Here’s the unofficial list :

– clear off the rest of my credit card debts and cancel them for good. Too many cards.
– get myself another car. (I’m eyeing a Honda Jazz now..)
– vacation to Australia / New Zealand
– get an SLR digital camera
– a new mobile phone if the old one gets uppity

If I manage to achieve only 50% of them, I’d be happy enough.

As you may have noticed, most of my goals involve spending. That means, if I manage to dig enough money, I will not have any problem accomplishing them at all. So if any of you guys feel rich or something like that… you can perhaps donate them to me. I will spend it well. I promise.

Alright, that’s about it. Happy new year to all of you out there. To those who condemns my blog at deathtobloggers, if you are reading this, go fuck yourself. May the fleas of a thousand camels masturbate in your armpit.

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December 30, 2003

hate me pls

Some people hate me –>

Well, I don’t know if they hated me for being myself or they actually hated my blog. No one has ever confessed to me that they abhorred me and wanted me and my blog to disappear. Maybe they are too shy to do that.

So, instead of telling me that they hate me, they went to this website – – and voted my blog as the blog they hate.

I’m not sure what’s the point… but I reckon my notebook’s gonna explode or something if I ever make it to the top 10 most hated site.

*Shrugs* Since I am a person who would not mind to take on challenges, I am looking forward to see how is it like to see a notebook explode. So, all my readers, pls vote for me at

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December 29, 2003

teambuilding event

The teambuilding event I jointly organized yesterday was a successful one. Although I did not participate in the people groping events, I manage to have my own version of learned lesson (through my meticulous observation and experience):

1) Wearing sunglass under the sun – is a bad idea. It gives you an uneven sunburn on your face; especially around the eyes.

2) Laughing too hard at people hitting a boner is a form of extreme exercise. Expect muscle ache the morning after.

3) Suntan lotion does not prevent sunburn. Hiding under a shade does.

4) Teambuilding events organized near beaches can be dangerous. Plenty of distractions during activities that require concentration : eg. bikini clad spanish bimbo bouncing along the beach.

5) Never volunteer yourself to be a cameraman. You’ll end up being mocked by psycho ladies who would not hesitate to blame you for taking their spastic photos/videos.

I will be spending the rest of my day hibernating.

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December 27, 2003

“TLOTR – ROTK” (2003)

To those who haven’t watched The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of the King, please leave immediately. Plenty of spoilers ahead.

Finally get to see LOTR – ROTK last night. It was well worth the money. Never thought that it was that gollumn who made the ring fell into the burning pit of Mount Doom. What a great show.

But I do have a few comments though… I felt that the ending could have been better if they cut the hobbits storybook crap. You know, once the ring fell into the lava… I was expecting things to end quite fast after that. But… it was still a long and sleepy way to go before the actual ending. I was holding up pretty bad for a visit to the toilet…

And then… someone from my group asked – where the fuck are they (Frodo, Gandalf, etc) going on that ship in the end? Well… not wanting to disappoint my friends, I told them that those people are going to Langkawi for some cheap booze and serious celebration. Eheheh… actually, I didn’t quite get the last part. Perhaps some Tolkien freaks can enlighten me a bit.

Overall, it was still a pretty good watch, and not to mention the most amazing trilogy of all time.

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December 26, 2003

I saw a disgusting guy

I saw a disgusting guy.

He was in a car behind mine in a traffic jam today, and I was checking him out through my rear view mirror.

The guy has this uncanny resemblance of Andrea Bocelli (you know, the blind guy who sings opera?) – lushy beard and curly locks. As I was about to tell Emily “Hey, Andrea Bocelli is behind us”… the guy suddenly did something very disturbing.

He shoved his finger into one of his nostrils and started to dig vigorously. The car beside his, was also checking him out and had the same disgusted look on his face, like me.

The guy was indifferent to the attention and continued to dig his nose like these is no democracy at all inside his car. And as if it’s not satisfying enough, he shoved the finger from his other hand into the other nostril. Yes, he was picking BOTH his nostrils with BOTH HIS HANDS. With force from both of his thick fingers up inside his nose, I could see that his nose changed into a snout shape like a fucking pig.

About a few seconds later, I could see that he began to have some harvest there. He then started to roll up the sticky gooey mucus till it lost its moisture and were solid enough to be flicked off inside his car. Then, again, he shoved his fingers deeper to mine for more boogers. The thought of him frenzily digs his nose for boogers makes my nose itch even as I’m blogging from the office here.

Fucking disgusting guy.

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