November 29, 2003

belching hell

Before I headed out for a karaoke function with my colleagues today, I had a few fruits of durians. That proved to be a big mistake, as when I reached the karaoke joint, my stomach was literally full of gas, and I was suppressing myself hard not to belch or fart during the function.

But there was only so much my physical self can hold, and during one part of the function, some gas actually leaked out from my mouth. I bet many of you know how bad does a durian belch smells. Not wanting to embarrass myself, I tried to release the gas out from my mouth little by little, some through my nostrils and some through the corner of my mouth – in hope that a small quantity of it would disperse quick enough for anyone to notice. But it didn’t work. The durian belch odor immediately filled the room, and my colleagues were all caught by surprise. Some took a frantic dash out of the room and some covered their nose with serviettes or whatever they could grab.

I thought I was in trouble, and was ready to face the flak from the irated bunch… but then, somebody from the group raise up a hand and apologized. It was Lily. She told everyone that she had some durians before attending the function, and that she could have burped without knowing it. Before I could even take the time to check my conscience to own up the crime, Lily was cast out by the rest of the members to clean up her stinking mouth and purge all her gas before returning to the room… Poor Lily.

Well, I didn’t give much thought about it after that and moved on… until now…

Lily… if you are reading this, I’m sorry. I was the one who belched hell inside the karaoke room. Please forgive me.

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