November 28, 2003


I didn’t go to work today. I had an upset stomach for drinking too much ‘lassi’ last night. If you do not know what’s a ‘lassi’, it is basically yoghurt blended with milk (Indian origin, hence the name).

So, I had been purging myself stupid real hard since yesterday, and currently is so debilitated and lethargic.

Anyway, since I had too much time at hands today (when not shitting slime inside the toilet), I took some time to check out my Nedstat, and found some bizarre shit — the keywords people used in search engines that stumbled into my blog! Here is the list in alphabetical order :

1) aaron kwok’s career – what the fuck? Aaron Kwok’s career? Well, the Aaron Kwok mentioned in my blog here is a stinking asshole. His career? A nobody and a consummate pervert.

2) aaron kwok’s weight – his weight? he weights differently in different environments. If there are girls around, he’d be weightless because he is such a fucking pervert.

3) body disatisfaction in young girls – this is so fucking bizarre. Dear searcher… allow me to enlighten you – young girls always have problems with their butts and boobs… no matter how good they are.

4) burp loudly extremely – why do one need to search such information? What about farts?

5) convince that food preservatives have benefits – they do. they let you make your food last longer. Duh.

6) download “aaron kwok” “shake it” – shake what? These people need to be more specific with their search terms, else, they’re gonna end up in sites like mine. Dolt.

7) film horror gore burp – film (check), horror (check), gore (check), burp (WTF???).

8) girlfriends of Aaron Kwok – aaron kwok’s girlfriend is a slut. Trust me. I’ve met her before.

9) niobe’s hairstyle – nabeh’s hairstyle = a new kind of insult commonly adopted by Singaporeans.

10) no condom blog – I didn’t know blogs are suppose to come with condoms…

11) photos of bullimic patients – search for ‘Kate Moss’, you’d find what you’re looking for.

12) putu mayam manufacturer in singapore – ‘manufacturer’… must be some big ass company doing something important…

13) putu mayam recipe – flour, brown sugar, dried coconut pulps and a hungry stomach.

14) singapore bitchy slut blog – It’s not that hard to spot one, is it?

15) stinked alcohol – alcohol itself doesn’t stink. Heck, they even use alcohol in perfumes. Get some education.

Kind of gives you an idea if our society’s making the best use of the internet, eh?

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