November 21, 2003

defining the standard

I don’t understand how some people could still wear a complete suit under our Malaysian hot weather. I can understand if it’s for work formality’s sake. Like if you’re a VIP or something (or a pimp?) But I saw one Korean guy today, who was just a supporting vendor doing some engineering job, wearing a long sleeved collared shirt complete with a necktie and a thick coat to our workplace.

Had I known the fella, I would have walked up to him and asked him to park at the disabled parking lot – because he’d have qualified to be a retard. I mean, do you have any idea how hot it is out there? It’s about 32 fucking degrees. It’ll be stupid to wear any thick clothing under this layer of hot sticky weather. If that guy’s concerned about looking smart, well, he didn’t look any smarter wearing that super hot clown suit. We wanted him there to fix and solve problems. Nobody gives a shit if he choose to look smart or whatever, but we’d be really concerned if he dies out of a heat stroke, because it’ll be inconvenient for us to wait for a couple more months to get a replacement vendor.

So the question is still, why do people still wear that kind of clothing here? What exactly is the function of a necktie? A convenient prop for us to strangle the motherfucker when he pisses us off? For the guy to wipe his mouth? To make the guy look more intelligent?

Other than causing discomfort to at the collar, a necktie definitely looks pretty useless to me. It’s just a long flap of cloth / nylon fabric hanging down from your neck. Spells disaster if you are working in a factory full of conveyor belts.

I have always hated neckties. I didn’t wear one when I went for my first interview. And I always skipped the Monday assembly in school just because I didn’t want to wear the stupid necktie. Wearing a necktie always makes me feel like a dick.

Well, my point is – it is imperative that one dresses appropriately according to the climate. You don’t wear a suit when the weather is scorching hot, because that will make you sweat like a pig and once the excessive sweat is left to percolate under your thick coat, it’s going to smell like you’ve just came back from a game of tennis and you’re not going to impress anyone with that. In the Malaysian weather, people only wear coats when they’re getting married, divorce or attending a funeral. A necktie is for annoying salesmen who goes door-to-door annoying the shit out of people…

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