November 20, 2003

food taboo

There was a program shown on National Geographic last night talking about food taboo. It was basically a study about various cultural differences when it comes to food. Eg. durian smells good to most of us South East Asians, but the Westerners think it smells rotten.
Quite interesting I must say.

Now that durian example was just a light case. Do you know that there are actually places in this world that condones eating exotic animals? There was this one part in the show featuring candid interviews with a few gweilos (typical white dudes) about consuming dog meat — “Eeeewww… I would never eat a dog. It’s cruel.”

They were exhibiting such an intense abhorrence on the topic as if they were being asked to kill and eat their school music teacher. Killing dogs are cruel, they said. They can’t bear the thought of having to kill a living dog just to have its meat. Like, you’d be cast into the deepest pits in hell if you do that. You get the idea.

You know what? Those guy are assholes.

They must have thought that beef and pork are derived from vegetables. If I was actually there during the interview session, I would have yelled square at their faces – WAKE UP! PEOPLE KILL ANIMALS FOR FOOD! From the beef patty in your MacDonald’s burger, to the bucket of fried chicken you ordered for your son’s birthday, they’re all parts from an animal slaughter. If you still do not fucking get it, here’s another way of saying it – some animals have to die everyday to feed your ignorant and stupid ass. And why is it so different with dogs?

My point is – don’t be such a hypocritical jackass if you don’t know about something. If you’re a meat eater, then you’re a meat eater. It makes no difference if you eat a chicken or a giraffe. If you’re refraining from eating certain types of meat because it violates some of your personal principle, fine. Just don’t fucking eat it. But don’t be going around insulting other cultures as CRUEL, just because they eat something you do not agree.

Let’s face it. We humans have been eating animals for thousands of years to evolve into what we are today. Had our cave dwelling ancestors had reservations about consuming meat, we’d all be sloths hanging upside down on tree branches now, or worst, folded back in existence through massive extinction. We needed all the proteins, fibers, fats, minerals and energy for the evolution. For the brain to grow. For survival.

Food taboo is a very sensitive topic and has always been. For me, I personally believe that all cultures are unique and they should be respected as they ought to be. They world will be a much peaceful place if we could only learn how to respect other cultures. Having said that, I am not ashamed to admit that I’d eat anything edible just to get a taste. Not so much on respecting other cultures but, just a principle of my own that I only get to live once, if I don’t try it in this lifetime, I won’t get another life. (and I don’t go around condemning people who eats something out of my common diet)

Anyway, it was a good show.

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