November 3, 2003

my confession

Oh.. I am such a cruel person. I have done so many mean things to animals, that I think the animals probably hate me more than I hate Elton John. I feel so bad about myself now, and I just hope that someday, I will be able to make it back to the animals… gosh…

Here are some of the evil stuff I did to animals in the past… :

1) A dog was sleeping under my car. I ran towards the dog and stomped hard on the ground. The sound jolted the dog up from its sleep and as a result, it knocked its head underneath the small space under the car. I then laughed out loud while pointing at the dog.

2) A dog was chasing my car barking insanely at a quiet residential area. I then did the emergency brake maneuver – as the dog was too close to be able to stop in time, it crashed head first into my bumper. I then laughed out loud pointing at the dog.

3) I was walking in a neighborhood. A large white dog came up to me. The fucking dog stood up on its hind legs and put it’s paw on my chest. It was trying to lick me on the face. When I pushed it away, the dog switched its attention to my balls. I then gave the pervert dog a Bruce Lee kick on its jaw – sent it flying into a nearby drain.

4) I caught some small fishes in a river with my buddies. About 10 – 15 of them. Me and my friends then put those fishes inside a can, then lit a candle under it. As the water temperature slowly rises to near boiling temperature – the fishes got themselves some unexpected hot spring treatment.

5) A male cat was picking up a female cat. Tried to hump the female cat but kept getting rejected. Girl cat wasn’t in the mood. But sex maniac male cat was resorting to rape. When he tried to mount up again, I slingshot a rubber band on its dick and got hit spot on. Cat jumped up in pain and reflexed by scratching my hand with its claws. I got pissed off and gave the cat a kick on its ass, sent it flying a few feet away.

6) A white cat disrupted my studies when I was doing revision for an exam in a night class. My friends and I mischievously drew some graffiti on the white cat – making it the first ever Mardi Gras body painting cat exhibitionist in South East Asia.

7) A cat was walking past cautiously in front of me when I was strolling along in a village. I didn’t like the way the cat looked at me, so tried to scare the cat away by doing my best impersonation of an angry ogre. Cat panicked, and shot itself in lightning speed into a small pathway full of chickens hanging out. Cat crashed on the gang of chickens and landed on the ground several feet across. Saw plenty of feathers flying around but cat was nowhere to be seen.

8) Rob (my boss) asked me if an oscilloscope could point out the root cause of a certain electronic failure on a motherboard. I sarcastically replied him, that if it could, there would be no more FA engineers on planet Earth. I made him look like a fucktard.

(I’m not sure if incident #8 is considered an ‘animal cruelty’. My boss is an undead, so he’s definitely not human. That’s why I decided to include that in… )

I am sorry for everything I did. Please forgive me, my dear animals… I know some of you are reading this blog.

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