October 28, 2003

another let out session

Man… what’s up with those hooligans who likes to modify their cars? Spoilers, skirtings, big rims, fins, holes, whatever – they looked like something came out from a junkyard.

I really can’t understand, why would anyone want to spend so much money on those craps. They may modify their cars to look like a Ferrari, Supra or any turbo charged vehicle, but everyone still knows well that they are all the same inside. It won’t go any faster with those modifications. Well, even if they DO have a turbo-charged engine… we still know that the mechanical design was not originally meant for that extra power. It’ll be akin to a suicide attempt. So, what’s the point anyway? Trying to tell the public that they’re stupid? I’m sure there are many ways to do that.

If you want to impress someone on the road, try to drive a real sportscar. Driving a cheap car with heavy modifications won’t make you cool / great. It won’t impress the general lot. Only those of your kind – stupid punks. To the general public, you’d look like an asshole trying to tell everyone that you’re stupid, ignorant and that you spent most of your time doing redundant thing stuff. Wake up.

The stupid Kancil incident I saw today, was a very good example of stupid people doing things that are beyond the logic sense. You see, our roads are full of pot holes and bumps, now why would anyone think of lowering their car and install a low skirting on it?

And then, there are some that has more lights than a Christmas tree. Colorful LEDs, headlamps, taillights, etc. I have seen some with blue lights interior lighting, which looked like a bug zapper being turned on whenever a door was being opened. What the fuck indeed.

But then, people might counter me that this is a free world. Everyone reserves the right to do anything they want. They can modify their cars into a garbage truck and still, it isn’t my business to mind what they did. Bla bla bla. I just have one thing to say to the owners of these ridiculous junks – you and your car sucks, and I won’t hesitate to vandalize your car whenever I have the opportunity. Mark my words.

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