October 23, 2003

moments with my dad

Dad once asked me “Son, how do u know if a condom leaked and your life is in peril?”. I was dumbfounded. No, not because the fact that this was asked by my own father, but because I was still quite young in age. How the hell would I know anything about condoms? I was only 15 at that time, questions like that would have been considered absurd to my standard…

So I replied him “How would I know lah??”

He then quipped “I just have this idea… you know… just wear it and apply some medicated oil on the condom. If you feel hot or something, then you’ll know, it’s leaking.” And then he laughed like a retard.

And then for some reason, I laughed along too, and when I managed to recover, I then asked him “What about the girl lah?”

“Who gives a damn about the girl? hahah” And we laughed even harder, like shitheads.


My mom and dad were arguing about gender importance in a family.

“Old fart … If there weren’t women in this world, there will be no pants for you to wear. You should be grateful that we’re here to sew your damn pants” My mom launched an attack.

“If there were only guys in this world, who needs to wear pants lah?” my dad then cackled like a hyena.

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