October 17, 2003

tuition class blooper

I was in this tuition class when I was 16. There were plenty of girls there, but I didn’t know most of them. Obviously, that was probably the main reason I enrolled for the tuition service there. Girls. It was always never about the studies. I’d go there to ogle at girls, you know, teenager stuff.

One day, while I was doing my usual round of scanning, I noticed something unusual about a girl that sat right in front of me. It was her T-shirt. There was this small logo on her back, about the size of a small coin. The logo, which was supposed to be located at the front side (left chest area) of her T-shirt, was actually on her back, and I was looking right on it.

I wasn’t sure at first, if what I saw was suppose to be right, or could she have worn her fucking T-shirt backwards (which would be embarrassing). So, I asked for opinions from the guys around me. Who knows, they might know something that I don’t. A few brains would definitely make a better judgment.

The guys, upon hearing my question, went ahead to check the chick out and started to giggle like a bunch of retards, some even to the brink of shedding tears. The answer was obvious – I was right about her T-shirt. It was a confirmed case of extreme boner – the girl wore her T-shirt backwards, and was unfortunate enough to make it all the way to the tuition class without knowing it.

But then, I was sympathetic to the girl. I mean, it was fucking funny, yes… but being the one who discovered her blooper, I felt compelled to tell her about it. It wouldn’t be pleasant if this were to happen to me. Maybe if I help her, she would be grateful and we’d be friends. And perhaps if we’re gonna close enough, she’d give me a free blowjob… or at least introduce me some of her good looking friends, see?

So, I decided to help her. I tried to pique her attention by hissing, and try not to arouse too much attention doing that, as it might extend the reputation damage further to the front side. (the news was already widespread at the back portion of the class). The hissing got her to notice me, but the girl ignored my call. I hissed for another time, and again, I was ignored. Thinking that probably she was unsure that I was calling for her, I lobbed in a small folded piece of paper onto her back and hissed again. She finally responded. But not quite the way that I expected – she gave me a petulant turnaround ‘do-not-fucking-disturb-me’ reaction, and turned back to the front with an irritated demeanor. And as if it was not bad enough, she complained to her sissy boyfriend, probably something about me harassing her, which the wiener also made a quick turnaround to give me that despising look.

That really pissed me off. I was just trying to be kind to that bitch, but in turn, she gave me all that nasty attitude. I decided to teach that cocky cunt a lesson. I devised of a plan – to spread the message to the first person in her row, and then ask to spread the message down to the next person until it eventually reaches the bitch. Just like a domino effect. The idea was to spread the damage to the front, and have everyone laughing at her ass.

And my plan worked. The message went from mouth to mouth, and I could hear spurts of giggles here & there. And when it finally reached the bitch’s sissy boyfriend, it was already too late. Half the class was already giggling. Probably embarrassed himself, the boyfriend nervously checked the bitch’s T-shirt out like a baboon looking for ticks. Then I saw him leaning over to the bitch to tell her about the bad news. Almost instantly, I can see the bitch sprang up from her chair and desperately looking for an escape route (she was hindered by the rows of students sitting closely together inside the class). You can imagine her situation, she realized that all the blokes behind her were already laughing and everyone on her row were looking at her like she’s naked or something. I joined in too, I mortified the couple by laughing out louder, hysterically like a hyena, to ensure a full force of damage being done.

And we did not see the girl again after the incident. I reckoned that she might have quit the class, apparently unable to recover from the overwhelming humiliation. Serves her right for being a cunt.

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