October 6, 2003

hate list

I’m not in my best of mood today and decided to ‘let everything out’ by blindly composing a list of people (or characters) that I hate most. If anyone here isn’t too happy about this, go fuck yourself.

Elton John – I hate this chicken head faggot because he has a real bad taste in fashion and he sings like a mutated frog with sore throat. I hate his hairstyle, his songs and his goddamn piano. He is a walking disaster to the music industry.

Moos – My workplace’s HR director. She looks like the female version of Jabba the Hutt. Hell, her voice even sounded the same like Jabba’s. She bellows when she talks and she leaves slimy marks on the floor (like a fucking slug) wherever she schleps. Apart from her tragic outlooks, I hated her because she’s the one who altered all our employee benefits for her own benefit… If we’re in the real Star Wars realm, I would have burnt her labia with a lightsaber.

Rob – my ex-undead boss. He is the worst boss in the world, if not the universe. I hate him more than roaches. He is nothing but a mindless festering piece of decomposed corpse who goes around messing with people’s life and he ought to be obliterated for good.

Skeleton Lady – A management figure in my workplace. A bulimic bitch snob and also a hypocrite. Always brag about how rich she is and can never stop acting like a consummate cunt. Got class my ass – people like her ought to be hung and shot and hung again.

Bubba – the cafeteria roti canai cook at my workplace. This motherfucker knows nothing about roti canai. His roti canai are hard like flattened erasers (or used condoms) and the gravy is practically water mixed with cheap curry powder. He is an insult to the food industry and he ought to be put to sleep like Rob. I had sent many complaints to the canteen committee (led by Moos) and still, there hasn’t been any action taken against this shit head. Maybe that’s because they’re having an affair (Moos – Bubba).

TFS – Abbreviation for ‘The Finance Slut’. A name co-created by myself and my colleague for a finance accountant in my workplace. She’s an annoying airport bitch who kept asking us irrelevant questions just to feel important. When we asked her to fuck off and leave us alone, she back stabbed us by injecting lies about us to our boss. Fucking bitch ass motherfucking cunt.

Egg – A junior supplier rep whom I dealt with frequently. He is an annoying prick. Always ask stupid questions. And what’s made worst, is that this guy has halitosis! His breath ranks so bad that it emits radioactive rays and causes cancer. That’s why I always dive for cover whenever he opens his mouth. Fuck!

Cockroach – an insect/vermin/terrorist that has outlived the dinosaurs. Know why the dinosaurs extincted? It was because of the roaches’ fucking smell. Everytime I see a roach, I will stomp on it till all its green entrails squirt out. I’ll then pour gasoline on its remains and smother the shit out of it.

Christina Aguilera (if i spelled it correctly) – Her voice sounded like someone choking on a strand of pubic hair from a hardcore oral sex, and her fake titties are revoltingly revolting. Makes me sick just by looking at her.

Freddy – The guy who sits near the entrance inside my office area. Goddamn, I fucking hate him (for no reason).

Dickhead – An asshole manager. He speaks loudly and acts condescendingly to his employees but behaves like a wiener when confronted by people of higher ranks. A typical snoot. I just hope someday he would be reporting back to his own employee and eat back the shits that he always barf on others.

Barney the Purple Dinosaur – Aren’t dinosaurs supposed to be extincted ??? This stupid piece of purple lardy lizard with beer belly ought to be hung, shot, hung again and fed to the sharks.

That’s about it. I’ll add more if i recall more of them later …

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