September 26, 2003

ICQ ‘meeting’

I am bored. Emily had gone to Langkawi for a few days, so, I it will be even more boring for me throughout the weekend. I partied hard last week, and I really need to give my liver a break this time. So, I decided to be at home all alone this weekend. *Sigh*

Life is funny… when I was a kid, it was relatively easier to kill boredom. And then, it got even easier when I transcended to teenage. Bored? Grab a phone and call up your girlfriend, and you’re off for a few hours on the phone. Not enough? Go look for some chicks in the local newspaper (internet wasn’t that popular yet… that time).

In my 20’s, the requirements took an ominous turn towards particularity. Hormones were in the steady state & we were, for the first time, above the legal age to hang out at night spots. I started to get selective on who to hang out with & started to call people ‘dorks’. Alcohols & girls became the main ingredients of having fun. And that was also the time when I started to worry about money. List goes on…

Sometimes I would wonder – what is so fun about getting intoxicated and talk stupid things while getting blasted by loud music? I just cannot explain, but, that’s how I’m getting myself occupied on most weekends, most of the time. I think people are just looking for an excuse to hook up or get laid. Whatever.

Here’s something interesting that occurred to me a couple of years ago:


I met this girl from KL – whom I’ll call “Jess” – through ICQ. After meeting each other online for a few months, Jess organized a trip to Penang for a meet up. She brought along her 2 buddies – whom I’ll call “PornStar” and “Zoyee”. The 3 girls weren’t bad looking, except… Jess herself. She was a little bit, unattractive to me, so to say, but that’s not important. Now a little bit description on the girls, PornStar – resembled Jet Li’s wife, but was little plump. Zoyee was the best looking of the pack but I could tell from the moment I met her that she’s a fucking emo bitch. The meeting went quite smoothly.

After showing them around Penang for an entire Saturday afternoon, I brought them to meet up with the rest of the BOD members – Tony, Luis, Henry & Soon – at the suite the girls rented. Each of us brought our own booze, so, we sort of like having a drinking party before hitting the clubs. During the drinking session, I sort of noticed PornStar kept eyeing on my friend Henry, and I could tell from her body language that she actually liked him a fucking lot. The way she talked to him, laughed like a retard (snort snort) at his absurd jokes and her lolling beside him – she was clearly in heat. When I told Henry about it, he’d brush me off and said that he’d rather kill himself hooking up with PornStar. So I let the matter rest.

We finished enough booze to start the night, and everyone was blitzed and ready to party. We all then proceeded to our usual joint (a club) for more booze. I couldn’t remember most of the events occurred that night as I was very blur from excessive intoxication. But I recalled that the girls were very affectionate, and they did everything right that night (I’m referring to the partying bit).

I was busy enjoying myself at the place when my friends told me that the girls had left the place. It was all very sudden. And of course, I was kind of pissed – you know, you don’t simply bail without informing your buddies. But we still continued to enjoy ourselves at the club without the girls and had a blast ourselves there.

It was only the next morning that I managed to find out why the girls left us that night – when Jess gave me a call. Apparently, what happened was, PornStar actually got very inebriated that night, and she forced herself on my friend Henry (Henry himself was half-passed-out and struggling). Jess saw the whole thing and immediately dragged PornStar out of the place to prevent anything untoward from happening.

I was so shocked. I immediately called up Henry to clarify the incident. He sounded like a rape victim on the phone… and I was like – Oh my fucking god, this is so fucking unbelievable. My best friend got molested by a bimbo! It appears that PornStar was so attracted to Henry that she couldn’t resist him for a second. She had suppressed the thought of raping him for the whole night… until her alcohol addled brain couldn’t differentiate between right and wrong anymore – and she finally did it.

Since nothing really happened, Henry decided to swallow the bitter experience and wiped it off like it was a nightmare – albeit he was probably emotionally scarred for the rest of his life. And we never talked about this incident since, especially after his girlfriend came into his life. It was an night that all of us will never forget.

*Jess, PornStar & Zoyee left for KL the next day. But Jess & PornStar would return to Penang a few months later… and that’ll have to be a story for another time.

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