September 25, 2003

a boo boo

Went out for lunch with Blackie, BigSnake and Veron at a local food court. We were immediately approached by a Chinese lady – “Any drinks?” – she asked in Hokkien (a Chinese dialect). BigSnake was busy looking around and was still in the process of figuring out what to eat for lunch, kinda half heartedly answered the lady in Malay – “Bagi milo ais satu gelas” (translation – gimme a glass of milo). His response triggered a hysterical laugh from me and the rest of us… and the lady herself was stunned. Pointing at her, I exclaimed “He thought that you are an Indonesian maid!!! muahahahah!!”. She was mortified.

Embarrassed by his mistake, BigSnake apologized to her, but I teased the lady again “Oh no, you’re not gonna let him get away just like this, are you?”. You can see the way she gave us that “I’m gonna kill you” look before she went away to process our orders. And we were fortunate indeed, as our milo-ais didn’t taste funny at all.

On our way back to office, Blackie started to talk about a few good restaurants, and then, indirectly hinted at me that how great it would be to have our lunch together, celebrating something. Sensing something amiss, I realized that they have found out about my promotion – yes, I have been promoted by Rob. I’m a level 2 engineer now. But then, that doesn’t mean it’s all good between me and Rob. No fucking way. I will still hate him like how I hate roaches. In fact, I deserved that promotion since last year… and it was a belated promotion. So, Rob still sucks donkey cock in my opinion. If killing is legal, I would have punched him to death by now.

Nevermind about Rob. The bastards got me this time… I will have to treat them lunch for that promotion. I thought I can get away with this – but seems like I was wrong :P
A good try nevertheless…

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