September 16, 2003

it doesn’t sound right

I was busy doing heaps of reports when my phone rang. It was my colleague Asstee on the line.

Asstee : “Hey mike… where are you now?”

Me : “I’m at my …. hey, wait a minute… you are calling my desk and you are asking where am I? Are you high on drugs or something?”

Asstee : “Ish .. Ish … ok ok … I screwed up. I don’t know why I asked you that.”

Me : “…”

Well, crazy shit like this happens all the time – we like to ask something silly (or are we under utilizing most of our brain? whatever). This is especially common in Malaysia / Singapore. In Cantonese, it’s called “fai-wa” (talking through your lungs – means to jabber some nonsense) Here are some of the examples I have actually encountered before :

– Location: Restaurant. Met a friend there. He asked me “coming out for lunch ?”
– Location: My lab. A colleague called the lab phone & asked “are you in the lab right now?”
– Location: Beach. My ex-gf asked me “Do you love me?” (that’s a classic)
– Location: Mamak stall. Friend ordered something “Milo panas bagi ais”

Something like that. Ask ourselves, how many times in a day do we hear something that doesn’t sound right at all?

Actually, Rob made the same boner yesterday as well. My entire department was attending a short presentation by one of the dickhead VPs (let’s label him as Bryan) and at the end of the presentation, Bryan asked, “Any question?” ..

Then I saw Rob raise his hand and stood up. He said loudly “I have 2 questions!” and then paused, as if he’s waiting for some kind of respond from Bryan. Dumbfounded, Bryan replied to Rob “Well, ask your questions then!”. I could see plenty of sneers inside the room, because Rob’s a fucking dick.

I ashamed of him as my boss.

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