September 3, 2003

something not nice

I did not go to work yesterday. Why? I needed to go to the dentist very urgently. Something very embarrassing happened which I’m not going to reveal here for some reason. Let’s just say, some part of my front teeth went missing, and I talk + look funny now. There is a big gap between my teeth, and my pronunciation of the word “FUCK” is now distorted.

The trip to the dentist was short. The guy was pretty sure what he needed to do and I too, was confident about what he was going to do. No injection nothing – he just made a few prints from my set of teeth and we’re done. As he will only be able to fix back the missing part on Saturday, hence, I will have to go back to work looking funny today – no choice. I thought of taking a few days off saving the embarrassment… but my leaves are limited now.

Talking about me looking funny, there was another lady I saw today at lunch who looked even funnier. Or, awkward – it’s hard to describe. You see, this lady was wearing a dark colored dress, sleeveless and with a long skirt (whole thing was actually a dress). The dress looked ok but the belt she wore was really disturbing. It was a very thick beige colored belt, and from an angle, it made me thought that her dress was revealing her lardy abdomen – spare tires.

But with a closer look, it was quite clear to me that the ‘thing’ was actually a hideous looking belt. A very big belt – as thick as a world wrestling champion belt wore by the grunts in WWF. And her’s would make Elvis looked like Honky Tonk Man. It’s really out of this world.

Pardon me but, I don’t know a lot about fashion, but this is something common sense. Some people just do not know how to dress appropriately. Belt like this only matches a rugged leather jacket or something to do with latex. But wearing it to work would be a mistake.

Luckily, I only saw the lady after I took my lunch, and left the place quickly without taking another glance at that Wrestlemania hag.

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