August 26, 2003

Hong Kong vacation – summarized

Back from Hong Kong on 24th.

The trip was awesome, despite the fact that some part of the trip weren’t really that enjoyable. The part I was talking about was the China tour on the 2nd day till 4th day.

1) Emily & I was the only young couple there – the rest of the 2 couples were old beings. Hell they were so irritating. One was a prick & the other a nagger – who talks really fast. I had to wolf down plenty of paracetamol tablets in order to withstand their screwed up attitude. Goddamn.

2) The people from China are rude. They have hygiene problems – couldn’t build a proper toilet. And their food sucks + dirty. Out of the 6 pax from our group, 5 got serious purging after consuming the food there. I’m the only one who didn’t get the poisoning. I think I’m tough. :PbPb

3) The road works in China are a turn off. Although I can say I’m seriously concerned about the number of potholes on our Malaysian roads but, it was not really that when compared to those I encountered at Shenzen & Guangzhou. Taking a car or any road vehicle there is like riding a horse with parkinson’s disease. Car sick is the national past time on the road there.

4) Stuck at immigration for 1.5 hours at China-Macau border just because the immigration computers didn’t sync properly – our visa info was ok when we entered China but the information was not found when we’re leaving from the other side of the country. It was like scanning your Touch n Go from the northern highway and when you reach Jelapang, the fucking system beeps an error telling you that no info was found on your card. China was such a screw up country – on that day.

Coupled with all these cons and hot weather, it made our China trip really dull & boring. Macau was ok – not much place to go except the casino.

The free & easy trip at Hong Kong was totally different. The city is scintillating with life and vibrant. The night scene from Victoria Peak was amazing. Skyscrapers so close together and there were lights everywhere. Our Petronas towers are like 2 chopsticks sticking out from a bowl of rice, and Hong Kong is like having 365 arrows sticking out from Milla Jovovich’s flat chest – big difference. Favorite past time there would be shopping. We shopped from Mongkok to Causeway Bay and Emily was out of control when she saw so many SALE signs all over the place. I had serious aching on my legs from these concrete jungle trekking. Bought lots of stuffs. Emily bought a few handbags for her sisters, and some designer clothes for herself. I got myself a pair of my dream Timberland shoes (the model which I’ve been droolling for so long in Penang).

Images taken with Nikon SQ.

And yeah, we also visited Ocean Park. It was a fun place to be – for kids. The roller coaster got my brain tangled with some part of my colon – felt so fucking sick after the ride. The only thing I enjoyed there was the cable car ride & the dolphin show. The place was simply too full of China tourists and trust me, nobody wants to get near those bunch of wild people.

There were so many wonderful experiences & places I had visited which I’m not able to cover in this entry. It was beyond what I can describe. (ok… maybe it’s because I’m freakin’ lazy)

But there are some downside about Hong Kong – food there was not that good compared to Malaysia. They are very expensive and not appetizing at all. The best thing I ever had at Hong Kong was the RM90 Thai food buffet at Causeway Bay – which didn’t even taste like Thai food. Not spicy enough.

Overall, I can say that I enjoyed my vacation to the fullest this time. China trip was boring yes, but still, it wasn’t really that bad as I didn’t have to see Rob’s face for the whole week. I believe if it weren’t for the screwed up China trip, I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself so much in Hong Kong. Sort of accentuated Hong Kong as the better half of the trip.


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