August 17, 2003

a fine day

Sat morning went for breakfast at Rifle Range. It was like walking back into my past. So much have changed, and yet, so much haven’t. It was like visiting a place you have not visited for 2 weeks and when you return, everyone suddenly became so old.

As I walked pass every inch of the place, it reminisced me of the old days when I was a kid. Used to play around there a lot. Recalled of the fun times I had, like climbing onto the market roof and all the fun playing hide & seek with the samseng boys. The place never looked so dirty back then. Probably I did not give a lot of attention to hygiene back then.

But I can’t deny that the place has always been a dangerous place to grow up. It’s a slum and it is very ghetto. I was one of the lucky ones to be able to leave that place for good – else I would have become another gangster there. Today, I was just there for my breakfast and left the place telling Emily heaps of stories about my childhood. And although I had the fun telling her… I can tell that she wasn’t really enjoying even a bit of it. (probably boring)

Then, we proceeded to shop around for the HK vacation. Last minute preparation kinda thing. Afternoon – visited my dad. Hung out with him for some time, until some of his really old friends visited. Some whom he haven’t met for nearly 30 years – and the first thing they said to each other was “Hey… what’s up?”. Funny isn’t it? 30 years and that was the first thing they said. His friend replied “Wow, you weren’t that skinny back then. I recognized you when I saw your tattoo!” And they continued to chat. It felt so warm seeing them reunited.

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