August 13, 2003

boss rage

I’m still very free today. Got nothing to do. Spent most of my time surfing and answering phone calls. One of them was made by BigSnake, asking me what the hell is Centrino. I told him it’s a brand of vacuum cleaner. Things like that.

Lunch with the usual bunch. Went to “the place under the bridge” to eat. The 3 old guys (Doug, LeRoy & Eric) were talking about their boss today. Apparently, their boss 3K (short for kiasu, kiasi & kiabo), is also a jerk. Rumored to be worse than Rob, 3K is the kind who would put his nose in anything you do. Micromanage – as they call it in our corporate world. And he’s a an asshole too. Anything bad you can imagine. He is the typical evil boss that all assholes in my company would worship like their religion.

Usually, the 3 old guys would just curse him around during lunch and I was already used to that. Heck, they even named my soft-toy dog (it’s a grimm) in my car as 3K… and occasionally, Eric would grab my dog and punch him in the face and yell – “motherfucker!”. My dog is like a physical dummy for him to vent out his frustrations …*I usually call my dog ‘crazyguy’ *

But today was different. Their rantings has advanced to a whole new level. Today, they talked about torture & some twisted plots to murder him. Doug started with something like cutting off his dick, sealing his sex life shut forever. And Eric continued, to peel his skins and rub plenty of salt on him… then coat him up in honey and let the ants devour him.

And they continued to add more ideas, each time with more grotesque imagination. I thought I was bad. But I felt really thankful today, for I wasn’t the one driving. Else, I couldn’t imagine what would happen to Crazyguy when their imaginations turn into action.

I think I’m gonna hide my dog up the next time I drive these 3 old guys out for lunch.

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