August 8, 2003

a queer experience

The sky was filled with haze today. It shrouded the entire Penang bridge. Couldn’t see anything at all. I guess the Indonesians are burning their forest again. It’s really sick to have a neighbors like them. Imagine your neighbor doing their barbecue party right next door and fanning all the smoke into your apartment. And they didn’t bother to offer you any of their chickens… and all the while, the other neighbor rents your pipe water… and sell them back to your maid at a much higher price. People do weird things that are difficult to explain.

Well …today, apart from the hazy weather, there are something else that was weird too.

You see, my company hires a lot of assholes. Speaking to them nicely will not yield you any expected results. But today, everything weren’t happening as they should.

For the past few days, I have been arguing with a manager about the emergency exit in my lab and he has been acting like a prick about it. But today, he suddenly barged into my lab… I was getting myself ready for another round of shouting match… but to my surprise, that motherfucker came to apologize & agreed to work out a solution to my problems with a targeted dateline. It was totally unbelievable.

And Rob was acting weird too. He was particularly nice to me today. I felt so quirky about all these. Are all these related to the recent close up of planet Mars to Earth? Could all these be due to the Indonesian ‘barbecue haze’? Or could these be due to the eeeevviiillll spirits of the hungry ghost month?

When abnormal things turn normal, it scares the shit out of me.

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