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July 15, 2003


arrrghh …it’s so hard for me to wake up to begin my day… my holiday mood is emerging …

Rob still have not submitted my award. I am not sure what is the problem with this guy. I don’t know why he is so ignorant. Ever since he took over this department, I know this guy is going to screw up my future big time. And indeed. Goddamn son of a fucking bitch.

As if it’s not bad enough with the moody episode, I also discovered that my lab was in a mess this afternoon… solders, components and tools were scattered everywhere … and my scope was also not in its place. It quickly came to my knowledge that a group of Taiwanese terrorists (ok …engineers) were here and they’re to be blamed for all these. And they got a big bash from me.

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July 14, 2003

saturday night out

oo.. yeah. I’ve never felt any better. It’s like being reborn… the outing to the club was awesome!

Last Saturday night’s theme was — Steven S’s partner. My friend Ayamas brought along 1/2 dozen of his lady friends and wanted to intro one of them to another friend in the frat, Steven S (he has been single for YEARSssssss). That was why, everyone anticipated something to happen and watched Ayamas & Steven S walking confidently through that big crowd of clubbers… to that lucky lady who was dancing on the dance floor.

And with joy in our hearts, we toasted each other hoping for the best for our brother… but out of the sudden… in less than 10secs, we saw Steven S came running back looking pale and Ayamas followed suit from behind:

Me : “Eh dude … what happened lah?”

Steven S : “… nothing…”

Me : “I thought you’re suppose to meet someone and work out something with her?”

Steven S : “No ler … it didn’t work out”

Me : “Seriously dude… you were so excited a minute ago, …but look at you now, don’t want pulak?”

Steven S : “Well, why don’t you go and have a look yourself? You’ll understand…” *upset*

Me : “Errm … how many points?”

We have our own common metric system to rate attractiveness for the opposite sex… it’s a guy thing…

Steven S : “Don’t ask, just go see for yourself ler…” *upset x2 *

Ayamas overheard our exchange and intercepted,

Ayamas : “Eh… brother… come on lah. It is hard to find good looking girls who are still single nowadays… if you want people to intro… it will be like that lah…”

And the whole group of BODs took ‘a hike’ around one particular spot of that club – like a zoo sight seeing event – to look at the subject. Fast forward a few minutes later, back the table…

Everyone: *stunned* …

Me : “Damn … her hair’s so fucking tragic… so… 80’s … so high (picture Marge Simpson)… that must have taken a quarter can of hairspray to hold…” *shudders*

Luis : “Eh friend … how old is she? What happened to your taste?”

Ayamas : “Just give it a rest, ok?”

And the BOD moved on with the party with another mission failed in place.

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July 11, 2003

car wash

The day started with a fine weather but it began to rain heavily after work. Wouldn’t really want to call it as ‘bad weather’ because I actually like rainy days. Rains are cool… you know… it cleans my car while I’m driving. Natural car wash. X-P

Brought grandpa out for dinner today. He has been feeling miserable since my grandma checked out a few weeks ago. Pity the old man. He must be missing her a lot.

Well, at least the dinner was good… I can tell that he really enjoyed the food & our company.

During the outing, met some social garbage. A middle aged motorcyclist riding right in the middle of the road and he was doing like 20 kph… crawling speed. I gave that guy a high pass but he wouldn’t budge an inch, so I gave him a less-than-serious honk instead. But the guy went apeshit… he was so mad about me honking him and he honked back at my car non-stop. Felt like knocking him down and run him over, you know? But that would definitely scare my grandpa… so… I spared that fucker some tire marks.

Really hate these inconsiderate motorcyclists, especially those who think they’re invincible… you know, those that rides in the middle of the road without giving a shit even if there is a fast train coming from behind… real motherfuckers.

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July 10, 2003

green happenings…

Had more cendol today… ahh… it was marvelous. You know, I had so much cendol nowadays, that I think my internal organs are turning green. Arrrrhhh… goddamn it… they’re green… and i’m fucking pissed… arrrhhh…. fuck Rob… I hate Rob… arrrhhh me wanna whack Rob…

*shirt starts tearing apart into pieces ….but strangely, my Dockers would remain intact*

Arrrggg… I am so green and strong … look at my body… I have six packs now… arrhhhh…

*walks to carpark … pick up Rob’s Cefiro and flung it to the other side of the island…*

Hiyaaaggghhh ….. where is that maggot infested Rob!? Rob!!! Where the fuck are you!? Come out you mongoloid bastard !!

*jumps to office … smashes the fluorescent lights… picks up Rob.. & tears each of his limbs, giving him a slow and agonizing death…

Alright alright I’m getting carried away again. Too much vitamins & minerals from cendol makes my brain hyperactive.

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July 9, 2003

eric the disturbed

Eric is a middle aged sr manager in my company. He has been our lunch member for some time.

A few days ago, we went to this nice hangout place for an economic lunch and there was this small aquarium of flowerhorn fish (4 of them). After we ordered our lunch, while waiting for our food, something unusual happened. Eric pointed at one of the fish and said :

Eric : “Cmon ..flower horn bebeh … show me some numbers on your body… Give daddy some fortune… I need 4 numbers … cmon cmon … don’t be shy… ”

This continued for about 5 minutes when suddenly, he exclaimed :

Eric : “Hey! I saw something on that fish’s body!”

Me : “And what’s that?”

Eric : *very loud* “I saw 2 words!! Filthy Slut!!! hahahah hahahah…”

Coincidentally, this happened at the same time when the waitress was delivering the food to our table and I believe she didn’t have a clue that Eric was actually talking about the fish (we’re an all-guys group) and only heard the last 2 words ‘filthy slut’. We all saw the change of expression on her face and it was so freaking funny.

I bet that waitress will remember this incident for the rest of her life.

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