July 17, 2003


A bloody hectic morning. The entire Penang bridge was badly jammed – due to several accidents at the end of the way. The congestion was longer than 8 km on that narrow fucking bridge. Damn waste of everyone’s time … damn tired and frustrating.

I don’t know who was the fucking moron that designed the stupid bridge. It was so ridiculously narrow. Everytime when there is an ah beng or any speeding low life bastard gets into an accident, the whole fucking bridge will jam like a prostitute’s cunt. It is simply too impractical for a 2 laner to stretch 14km… goddamn. They should have built something wider …and a separate lane for those ignorant motorcyclists as well … FUCK…

Today Rob called me about my project. Asked this and that … covered a lot of details. Don’t fucking know what he’s up to. Asked him, that shitbag refused to reveal much – except that it was for some ‘justification’ purposes. What? Justification to get himself frigged in the ass?

Nevermind about him. I don’t give a shit if he decides to promote me or sack the shit out of me. I have had enough with that cheap skate skunk.

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