July 14, 2003

saturday night out

oo.. yeah. I’ve never felt any better. It’s like being reborn… the outing to the club was awesome!

Last Saturday night’s theme was — Steven S’s partner. My friend Ayamas brought along 1/2 dozen of his lady friends and wanted to intro one of them to another friend in the frat, Steven S (he has been single for YEARSssssss). That was why, everyone anticipated something to happen and watched Ayamas & Steven S walking confidently through that big crowd of clubbers… to that lucky lady who was dancing on the dance floor.

And with joy in our hearts, we toasted each other hoping for the best for our brother… but out of the sudden… in less than 10secs, we saw Steven S came running back looking pale and Ayamas followed suit from behind:

Me : “Eh dude … what happened lah?”

Steven S : “… nothing…”

Me : “I thought you’re suppose to meet someone and work out something with her?”

Steven S : “No ler … it didn’t work out”

Me : “Seriously dude… you were so excited a minute ago, …but look at you now, don’t want pulak?”

Steven S : “Well, why don’t you go and have a look yourself? You’ll understand…” *upset*

Me : “Errm … how many points?”

We have our own common metric system to rate attractiveness for the opposite sex… it’s a guy thing…

Steven S : “Don’t ask, just go see for yourself ler…” *upset x2 *

Ayamas overheard our exchange and intercepted,

Ayamas : “Eh… brother… come on lah. It is hard to find good looking girls who are still single nowadays… if you want people to intro… it will be like that lah…”

And the whole group of BODs took ‘a hike’ around one particular spot of that club – like a zoo sight seeing event – to look at the subject. Fast forward a few minutes later, back the table…

Everyone: *stunned* …

Me : “Damn … her hair’s so fucking tragic… so… 80’s … so high (picture Marge Simpson)… that must have taken a quarter can of hairspray to hold…” *shudders*

Luis : “Eh friend … how old is she? What happened to your taste?”

Ayamas : “Just give it a rest, ok?”

And the BOD moved on with the party with another mission failed in place.

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