July 11, 2003

car wash

The day started with a fine weather but it began to rain heavily after work. Wouldn’t really want to call it as ‘bad weather’ because I actually like rainy days. Rains are cool… you know… it cleans my car while I’m driving. Natural car wash. X-P

Brought grandpa out for dinner today. He has been feeling miserable since my grandma checked out a few weeks ago. Pity the old man. He must be missing her a lot.

Well, at least the dinner was good… I can tell that he really enjoyed the food & our company.

During the outing, met some social garbage. A middle aged motorcyclist riding right in the middle of the road and he was doing like 20 kph… crawling speed. I gave that guy a high pass but he wouldn’t budge an inch, so I gave him a less-than-serious honk instead. But the guy went apeshit… he was so mad about me honking him and he honked back at my car non-stop. Felt like knocking him down and run him over, you know? But that would definitely scare my grandpa… so… I spared that fucker some tire marks.

Really hate these inconsiderate motorcyclists, especially those who think they’re invincible… you know, those that rides in the middle of the road without giving a shit even if there is a fast train coming from behind… real motherfuckers.

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