July 9, 2003

eric the disturbed

Eric is a middle aged sr manager in my company. He has been our lunch member for some time.

A few days ago, we went to this nice hangout place for an economic lunch and there was this small aquarium of flowerhorn fish (4 of them). After we ordered our lunch, while waiting for our food, something unusual happened. Eric pointed at one of the fish and said :

Eric : “Cmon ..flower horn bebeh … show me some numbers on your body… Give daddy some fortune… I need 4 numbers … cmon cmon … don’t be shy… ”

This continued for about 5 minutes when suddenly, he exclaimed :

Eric : “Hey! I saw something on that fish’s body!”

Me : “And what’s that?”

Eric : *very loud* “I saw 2 words!! Filthy Slut!!! hahahah hahahah…”

Coincidentally, this happened at the same time when the waitress was delivering the food to our table and I believe she didn’t have a clue that Eric was actually talking about the fish (we’re an all-guys group) and only heard the last 2 words ‘filthy slut’. We all saw the change of expression on her face and it was so freaking funny.

I bet that waitress will remember this incident for the rest of her life.

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