July 8, 2003

cendol mania

I finally get to slurp my favorite cendol after missing it for a few days. Ahh… so refreshing. So good…

Cendols are good for health. They contain a lot of anti-oxidants, with lots of fibres, plenty of protein and fortified with calcium. They have pottasium too, rich with vitamins and irons …. and they help our body to absorb more minerals than anything else.

Long term consumption are known to prevent diabetes, lowers the risk of cancer & builds up your body resistance against viral infections — such as VDs, SARs, Hep A/B’s …etc. Makes your eyes look fresh… develop new brain cells and improve the memories, especially for older people. They are also known to be able to cure high blood pressure … appendicitis … tooth plaques … diarrheas …mental disorders … impotence … and in some cases even prevent death

So, people, what are you fucking waiting for?

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