July 6, 2003

almost forever…

Had an early day & brought my dad to the hospital for his medical checkup. Again… had to endure the long queue – waited from 9am – 3pm.

No serious alerts from the doctor this time – except the heads up about dad’s liver. Basically, his liver isn’t any more useful than a piece of rock now.

Well… what can I complain. My dad partied too much during his macho days & it’s time for his liver to quit. He’s paying the hefty price now. All I can do now is to get him to the doc as and when necessary…

His medication + fees cost me another 300 over bucks this time. I’m beginning to feel the pain. The doctors really make a lot of money … 2nd highest in my list of top wage suckers:
1) pub owners (yeah … parties…)
2) doctors (pub owners corrupt the livers, docs fix livers)
3) banks (my credit card debts from parties …)
4) lawyers (the fucking mortgage)

Got home at 4 & just hung around the couch pondering about money… Money is definitely mankind’s worst invention …

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