July 5, 2003

life on the edge

fine saturday.
whoa … last night (after blogging) I got terrorized by a big cucuracha. Wasted almost a quarter can of insecticide on that bug. I’ve been trying to figure out if there is any way for me to repel these scums from visiting me at home. Is there even such a thing? Roach repellant. Hmmm, have to find out.

Had roti canai for breakfast at Raju Cafe. It was sooooo gooooood, that I forgot my own name right there.

Spent most of my afternoon trying out a new game — Postal 2. A very sick game. It is a game with fuckloads of violence & gore — you actually get to play some lunatic dude running around the neighborhood killing everyone you don’t like. I think this will be good for people who needs a little bit of ‘release’ from stress suffered at their workplace. Well … I sort of had mine this afternoon & it ended up being released there — I know this isn’t good for me.

Wait a minute… it’s Saturday night… what the fuck am I doing here? I should be hanging out with my friends instead of blogging here!! Aww … it has been 3 weeks since I last clubbed. It’s very unhealthy to stay at home on Saturday nights. I hope the BODs can make it next week – they should have settled their problems by then.

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