July 4, 2003

it’s friday …

Not a very good day for me (nooo … not because of the rain). Had an audit at work today & just found out that my ex-senior left me tonnes of shit to clear up. Lots of unaccounted parts not declared… countless of lab procedures not updated. Had to clear up heaps of his illegal work, what great ethics people have nowadays, damn it.

Anyway, I almost finished clearing all of his shits but not without plenty of cursing. I hope he is getting plenty of SARs in his new found job at China.

Oh, yeah … as if my day wasn’t bad enough — my favorite cendol stall was closed today … ugghh…

Rotten boss still haven’t submitted my award. From now on I’m gonna call him Rob Zombie – that’s because he is as trashy as Rob’s song. I’m not sure what is wrong with him, but I really hate this undead boss of mine.

I sometimes feel that I complain too much. Like I was born only to complain. But I know if I don’t do that… I’m gonna be as “undead” as Rob (my boss, remember?) — fuck.

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